When social media all began it was intended to extend the reach of the everyday person. The idea that two people from across the world can have a conversation about any topic and for a connection between one another. People over the years created a method to exploit these opportunities for personal gain resulting in fake accounts pretending to be an actual person. The perfect twitter follower is placed in it own category high on the pastille.

Your social media presence and reach is based on interaction. You can have all the followers in the world but if none of them interact then whats the point? The goal is to fist understand how twitter works at its fundamental levels in order to devise a successful plan. Here I will break down the inner workings to allow the average user the advantage over their competition.

Followers Make The Twitter World Go Round

Everyone has experienced their fist tweet. Knowing their is no possible way anyone in the world will see it. After uploading your default image to remove the egg, your next action was probably following a bunch of people hoping they follow back. Not soon after that you figured out it didn’t work out as you intended. Making you resort to posting your account on your Facebook for all your friends to see. At this time you just broke your fist milestone of ten followers.

The hypothetical above may describe most of the new users fist experiences. These type of profiles make up most of the social media universe and is a prime example of the perfect follower. They are eager to share their opinions and contribute to the community.

The Goldilocks Zone

This term sums up what type of followers you want to attract. Users that are followed by many but follow very few. For example if I have 1000 followers and only follow 15 my feed will be filled with only fifteen peoples tweets. It allows those 15 to see a huge engagement ration compare to the opposite. 80% of profiles have less that 350, but limits you to following 1000. The vast majority are stuck in that box. A lot of them are ripe for the picking, we just have to filter searches and find the ones we want.

Filtering Twitter Users By Ratio

twitter profile data searchFor filtering accounts based on certain variables we will need something more than the one twitter provides us. int his demonstration I will be using the search function in Tweet Adder. Their profile data search is extremely accurate. Remember that not all accounts are created equal.

For this example lets search for users interested in music. Very broad keyword will provide a lot of results. if your interest is smaller it may be more difficult. Here is a some recommend setting:

  • Keywords should be broad to find more potential users.
  • Location is optional unless you are focusing on local accounts.
  • Follower Count – Min 100, Max 1000
  • Following Count – Min 1, Max 100
  • Updates – Min 5, Max 200
  • Default Images should be a must.
  • English int his example will be set to English.

Targeting New Twitter Users

Its easy for new twitter users. Once in a while they receive an alert notifying them of a new follower. Their next action is usualy to followback and go proceed on what they were doing. Following them back should be decided on the list above. Their ratio will determine if it is even worth it or not. The last thing you want is a feed full of junk unrelated to your interests. They should have more followers than they follow.

Advanced Social Media Guide

Now that you have a good understanding of the minor inner workings, maybe its time to create your own guide that fits your needs. What niche are you in? Do you have the effective tools to make that plan work? I hope you have asked yourself some questions already. Now its time to make that same idea become reality. This website was built for just that. Use the search function to find exactly what you are looking for.