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Twitters recent popularity boost has assisted their growth to form the second largest social media site available. You can reach anyone in the world but you first need followers to expand your reach. One of the best ways to start is by getting twitter followers without following back. This way your feed is not completely filled with junk tweets you don’t care about. There are many other similar ways to achieve the same outcome so let me name a few.

Getting popular in the social media storm today has became increasingly difficult. Why is it that so few users really get this sudden rise in popularity? If you take a closer look, you will notice their popularity is tied to the reputation and status of the people behind the account that make it all work. The consistent work, day in and day out without a break. The right promotion and push from famous individuals can give you the boost you so desperately need.

Frequently mention your top idols or people that inspire you. Enter their conversations and offer you opinion. Take a couple minutes and find celebs who engage with their audience. If you can manage to get mentioned by one of these people it may create a snowball effect leading to your end goal.

Another popular way to get more followers for free can be simple as clicking the follow button on your favorite list and sending them a direct message asking them to follow you back. This method can be effective but is not on the top of the list. Another popular strategy among users is the use of third party websites. They will let you sign up using your existing twitter account and will follow people for you. They can get your account suspended so use it at your own risk. make sure to read the terms of service before agreeing to anything.

Get Followers Without Following Back

twitter mention symbolGetting Twitter Followers without following back can be hard to do as it brings great benefits to you. As you build a reputation it will become easier to grow. The beginning is a hard fought battle but this kind of growth is worth every second.

People are looking for updates from those who know about topics they are interested in. If you can supply what they need it increases the chance of them contacting you.. Ask people who share your topics to mention you in tweets they post and create a list with you at the top of it. Connect an RSS feed to your account from your favorite websites that your audience is also interested in. this will take the load off your fingers and make you tweets more consistent.

When you develop a good relationship with someone consider a follow back. As you come across others who tweet about a similar subject just select a few, then send a Direct Message (DM) and introduce yourself to them. Create a steady flow of communication between everyone who you have chosen and are continually following you. When they @Mention your username take the time to respond because they took the time to send it.

Ways to get active with users:

  • If you have something in common mention their username
  • After you make contact you should follow (if interested)
  • Introduce yourself with a Direct Message
  • Respond to every mention received.
  • Request everyone to add you to their twitter lists.
  • If you have a relationship make sure to follow back

Websites To Help get you Followers

  • Tweet Adder – Automate and Manage  UNLMITED Twitter Accounts.
  • AddMeFast – Register and start getting followers now.
  • Twitclub – Join the Club, Follow who you wish, get followers in return.
  • Twiends – Use the website, earn credits, get followed in return.

Did this help you at all? Please share your questions and concerns or tips that you have learned along the way. If you would like me to add something to this post leave a comment and I will help the best I can.


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