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With the ever expansion of these social media sites more and more users find themselves searching for people on twitter. Some they know personally wile others are just curious. There are many ways to look for individuals other than twitters own search engine. Hunting for someone like that may be useful but what if you want to target keywords?

For business or personal use this technique will be helpful to get the right kind of followers. The numbers game gets irrelevant when no one interacts with your tweets.

Search For People On Twitter

Many users come to use looking for answers. The other day we were asked about how we filter users and look for targeted followers that will respond to our tweets. After years of trying new thing to help us market with social media we have found many tips a tricks to help you on your way. Targeting who you follow is very important. Websites exist that will assist you but are paid services. We only use one tool and not only does it have the most advanced twitter search available, it also manages your accounts automatically. The best part is its free.

Get The Most Advanced Twitter Search With Tweet Adder

advanced twitter search

These sites are so massive it becomes difficult to find people in a community so large. You may often find accounts switching usernames and URL’s. That is why it is important to not only look for names but also hashtags and keywords. We call this targeting and is currently the most effective way to discover new and existing people you may be interested in. You must first download the software and install it. After you link your account you are then able to hunt unlimited users with a wide range of filters.

Twitter Search People

As the community continues to grow we are presented with more accounts to discover. We must face the fact that some of these are spam. To avoid contacting them you must apply a filter. We recommend you to set the number of followers to at least 25-50. This will remove many new accounts that are more than likely fake or bots. Either way, we don’t want them and should be avoided. Instead lets find people who are active every day.

twitter search words

For instance, lets use music. If you are in a band and would like to share you music with other talented musicians. You can search their bio for keywords to find the right accounts to connect to. Here is a list of features you can use to target users more effectively. These are the different type of searches:

  • Tweets
  • Profile Data
  • Location and Region
  • Followers of a Specific User
  • Following of a Certain User
  • Twitter Lists

Twitter People Search

Each displayed above have many types of filter to narrow the results and get very specific with the results. After the results are presented to you and then you can choose what to do with he information. You can Follow, send a message, block or even add the users to a list. The possibilities are endless. Seek new ways to incorporate the tips we have listed today in your own way. These have worked for us for a long time so I know they will for you as well.

People Search Twitter everyday looking for any and everything. This gives you an advantage right away. After learning the software and becoming familiar with the program, this will set you apart from all the others. Please let us know what tips you have and post them as comments. I would love to learn from your experiences.

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